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The power of digital signage in Internal Communications

Explore the key benefits of introducing digital signage to your Internal Communications strategy.

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As an internal communications pro, you know how challenging it can be to make your messages stand out. Digital signage is a powerful tool to add to your communication toolbox, reshaping how you grab attention, engage your workforce, and deliver those top-down messages.

Here are the key benefits of digital signage, as highlighted by our friends at Vibe.FYI.

Captivate Attention and Boost Engagement

Digital signage serves up dynamic, lively content that pulls employees in and keeps them engaged. If you need help getting people to your intranet or SharePoint pages, digital signage can bridge the gap, making employees feel more connected to the content on those screens.

Minimise Distractions

Digital signage delivers high-value messages without employees needing to open extra emails or navigate to the intranet. Screens in high-traffic areas ensure repeated exposure without causing disruptions. But remember, use repetition thoughtfully to prevent message fatigue.

Efficient and Far-Reaching

Positioning screens across your office or workplace makes communication accessible to everyone. This is especially handy for organisations with dispersed teams, ensuring everyone stays in the loop, even those without regular computer access.

Share Real-Time Updates

Digital signage is your go-to for sharing time-sensitive info, like emergency updates, weather forecasts, and news articles. Most digital signage solutions integrate with other workplace tools, so you can also display up-to-date content from those platforms.

Tailor Messages

Whether you’re talking to the whole company, the sales team, or a regional office, digital signage lets you craft tailored messages. For Vibe users, it’s as simple as creating slides, setting schedules, and assigning them to playlists.

Flexibility and Versatility

Digital signage content management systems support various content types, from images and videos to text and live streams. Some even offer templates to speed up content creation and editing. If you spot an error, making real-time changes is quick and easy.

If you want to learn more about how digital signage can ensure your internal messages are seen, understood and remembered, get in touch!